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Finding unloved, undiscovered, and undervalued biotechs

We have a deep passion for biotech due diligence. What started out as a pastime since 2015 is now a rigorous screening process for each company’s scientific potential, clinical results, strategy & management, and financial health. We wish to let our research and track record speak for itself.

To help you get the bigger picture behind some of our biotech picks, we simplify the technical scientific concepts behind each company’s drug(s) and explain the ‘so-what’ for both patients and the greater market. We also share insights and observations that aren’t found in conventional equity reports.

While we’ve had our successes investing in tech, bitcoin, and passively in ETFs, we’ve found much more meaning, returns, and excitement in biotech. We believe we are still in the nascent phase of an innovation breakout in biotech.

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The Parallax View
Finding unloved, undiscovered, and undervalued biotechs